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I went into Darkness!

Hello friends, she’s back again, this time with my chat on Star Trek Into Darkness, which I went to see last night. I’m gonna say this once and once only SPOILERS!!!!!

Let’s just say straight off, I loved it. I don’t think it had the same impact action wise as the first one, but I think the characters in this film were fantastic.

Loved the extra added Pegg-ness to this film. I can imagine that whenever they put Simon Pegg in a series film, they would use him as the comic relief and they do in Star Trek, but I do think he gets a lot more screen time and a bit more to do with the story – he runs, lets just put it this way lol

The story itself was really easy to follow, there was nothing really complex, which is what I can often find with some Doctor Who episodes, and again, lets just say I easily get confused! I really liked that they went against the curve and that all the action wasn’t at the end of the movie and that the ending was more of a sombre affair (that’s a bit poetic for me!).

As for the Bromance going on between Spock and Kirk, OMG, best screen couple ever. It was literally like, get a fricking room lol!

As for the ever fabulous Benedict Cumberbatch, her is just so good in the movie altought, and I’m very sorry for anyone reading this who hasn’t seen the movie, because the next comment, you will not get this our of your head. I could not gt over the fact that he sounded a bit like Sideshow Bob from The Simpsons, but British. Just listen to the voice. I hated the twist with his character because I really thought I was going to love him because he was misunderstood, but no, JJ Abrams, you ruined me lol!

But then you go and make me love you again:

We are friends again now!

But overall, I’m really glad I saw it!


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