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My Week Of Movies

My week off is definitely going to be a movie fest, as currently I have 8 pages (maybe 12 films on each), that I have taped off the telly, backing up my box. Let’s just say about 65% of my box is movies. Any sane person would be watching them, but no, on Monday I thought it would be better to re-watch films I had already seen that I have on DVD and that while they are taking up shelf space, they ain’t taking up no space on me box. And while The Dark Night Rises and Rock of Ages (no idea why I chose that as a movie double bill, but each to there own) are great films, they are not helping my problem.

So yesterday, I watched the grand total of two movies on my box. One which I have deleted, because I will never ever want to watch it again and the other I think I will get on DVD. It really annoyed me sitting through the first movie I watched, because I thought it might get better, but it didn’t. Head’s Up, a rare use of a swear word here, but it was a pretentious nonsense piece of s**t (I might have said it, but I block it out). I should rightfully name the movie I watched, but seeing that other people like it, I won’t. But you are fully welcome to guess in comments – hint – it was on BBC 2 sometime in the last couple of months.

The second I will name because I loved it so much more than I was expecting to. I had this happen a couple of times recently, with the films The Scouting Book For Boys and The Disappearance of Alice Creed. In my Film Four Mood, I watched Submarine and I think it is such a good British Movie. I love that it was an easy to follow story, but it was funny, quirky and sad in places. The two young leads are great and I didn’t realise until now, but the girl in it was also in The Sarah Jane Adventures. While some might not let teenagers watch it, I think it’s a great movie for them and better than some of the rubbish they have to watch (what am I saying – I watch that rubbish, though I’ve never seen a Twilight movie!).  I would definitely recommend anyone to watch it. Check on Film Four cause it’s probably on right now.

As for today’s schedule, I’ll let you know tomorrow.


Film Of The Day: Submarine
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