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Reply to me Friends post – Should Superheroes Have Flaws?

My friend Sharon (aka Histrel) had a really interesting topic on her blog today, so rather than do a simple blithering comment, I thought I’d put my big size 8’s into the conversation (true fact, I have size 8 UK feet, am clown!).

I am totally in agreement that Superheroes do need flaws. It’s the part of them that makes them human, even those whose are from Asgard! Take Batman (and by the way, I am in no way a comic book person, never read one [unless you count the Beano!] but I’ve seen many comic book movies). If Batman didn’t have the flaw that he had a fear of bats then where the hell would Batman have come from. It’s in his basics. If Tony Stark didn’t have the whole obnoxious millionaire playboy side to him, let’s face it, he’d just be another generic superhero and that, quite frankly, is boring.

And if all Superheroes didn’t have the what some might call a flaw of love, then what nemesis would be able to fight back. Because Superheroes need flaw for their opponents to find a way in. You would be hard finding a Superhero that didn’t come under the basic flaw of love (I don’t classify it as a flaw, but a nemesis would exploit the crap out of it!).

As for the argument that some believe that kids shouldn’t be exposed to Superheroes with flaws, well, that’s just daft. Cause if you think about it, children see the flaws in the people they hold up to be superheroes everyday. And flaws, well, you’d be hard finding someone who doesn’t have one, I know I certainly have a few. It’s a fact of life and I’m a big believer of making the world true for children and not sugar coating it. But watching a superhero actually defy his flaws and win, well, is that not a good thing to be teaching children – that no matter what or who you are, you can achieve?

As for Superman, I do believe he has a flaw – and it’s name is Kryptonite!


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