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I liked being surprised!

So, I just go back from the cinema – and I am pleasantly surprised! I went to see The Croods, and judging by a review I read, I wasn’t going in expecting much. However, having seen it, god were they wrong. It was such a lovely film, with a great journey kind of story and really great characters. So it shows you, you can be pleasantly surprised. EDIT Forgot to add this and it might be creepy, but how does Ryan Reynolds manage to be cute in an animation if that is even possible! Is that creepy!

Again, I was surprised today, when I thought I got overcharged in a store, to find out, they had actually undercharged me. And well I am a respectable citizen, there ain’t no way that I’m gonna go back and tell them that. I’ll just send them good mental thoughts.

It’s safe to say though, some things never surprise me.

The first one being I have had to auto correct every time I wrote the word surprised, cause I can;’t bloody remember to put the first r in it!

The second one being the weather. It is fecking freezing to say the least! So much so, I had to put the top bar lock on the door on to stop it banging!

The third one is my neighbours. Neighbours totally got there theme tune wrong! It should be Neighbours are just like family – you can’t choose them and your bloody well stuck with them till either party decides to leave! It just ridiculous really. There is not one weekend that goes by that they don’t think it is there god given right to play music so loud that I could tell you track for track what it is (usually coldplay followed by meatloaf!). I wouldn’t mind so much if I like them, but its crap songs (mostly the meatloaf ones!). I know the lyrics now, I’ve heard them that many times. and it goes on till well past midnight. I should report them, but it won’t do any good and I’m too much of a decent human being (please disregard the early undercharging comment!) to report them. But I swear to God, they are just bloody rude ignorant people. What happen to manners?

On that note, I am going to stop, because I’m growing grey hair from my sudden increase in age!


Thought Of The Day: I cannot wait till New Girl is back on Tuesday!
Nail Varnish Of The Day: Please and sorry, cause I’m currently picking off some Sally Hansen nail wraps, as I tragically lost half my thumb in New Look (the nail wrap I mean, not an actual thumb! Otherwise this post would be titled, my missing digit!).