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Made it out alive!!

I could be really really arse kissing and say how sorry I am for not posting and crawl my way back into your hearts, but the truth is, I’ve been very very busy at work. I think for August though, I am going to try and post either every day or every other day. Here’s hoping.

This morning I had the lovely pleasure of going to the dentist. If you know me by now, you know I hate anything to do with the dentist or my teeth. The worse thing is I had to go for a filling and I had to pay the lovely pleasure of £40 for it too. But luckily, as it was a tiny filling, she gave me a white one instead of a silver one, for the same price of a silver one. So at least it blends in!

Now, I’m not a violent person by any means, but I could willing punch a dentist, because they seem to love inflicting pain, while keeping you waiting and charging you a butt load. I even had to wait nearly ten minutes today and I know that isn’t a lot compared to some dentists but my appointment was at 9:30, so I was basically the first one in! Then I had to listen to the people on the desk bitch and moan about either the other employees or someone they both knew. This isn’t the first time I’ve heard them bitching on the desk (I don’t live at the dentist by the way, I just end up going a lot!), and I could clearly make out what they were saying, maybe I should use this info as a bargaining chip to get money off my bill!

Luckily, I was a very very brave person and I had my filling without an injection, as that’s the bit that hurts the most! I was contemplating going to the mahoosive new sweet shop that opened after, but I came home instead and as I was hungry, I thought what better than a soft slice of dairylea that will give me some extra calcium!

Luckily, I’m not going back till January! Thank God!


TV Show Of The Day: After watching 7 seasons of Grey’s, the library didn’t have 8, do I am currently rewatching Doctor Who, from the 9th Doctor onwards.
Nails Of The Day: I am currently going through a Nail Envy week treatment, so I have nothing on me nails!

Teeth and Dreams

I know that the title of this post seem totally stupid, but I believe the two are related. I was gonna do this deep and meaningful (yeah right!) post today about friends (actual, not the tv show!) but I’m not feeling too great today and this is where the title comes in.

I hate my teeth, this is a fact! They have cause me nothing but problems, ever since I had to have a brace fitted, because 6 of my adult teeth are missing. Where they are, are do not know, if you have them, I hate you!  The brace went fine, but then I had to move dentist, because mine was an NHS one and it shut down. So I moved to a new dentist and let’s just say, I think they butchered my teeth. I was move through 3 dentist there, was told I needed fillings, and I swear to God, they kept changing there mind about where the fillings needed to be and how many! It was basically ridiculous and because this wasn’t an NHS dentist, because they are like gold dust, so I had to pay for the privilege (£75 if I remember correctly!). Anyway, after all that, I still have rubbish teeth and they are basically letting a baby tooth rot into my gum, because they won’t take it out and are more concerned about what I’m going to do when it eventually does full out (my pov is you can’t even see that part of my mouth when I smile or talk, so it’s just gonna be a gap!).

Anywhoo, this leads me to last night.  I had a bad had last night when I went to bed and I think this lead to me having a strange dream. This dream was basically like Broadchurch on Steroids! It was a violent Broadchurch. But while this was going on, my head, at the back of my neck, felt really heavy. But just after talking to my Dad, this might be because I went to the hairdressers yesterday and was leaning back in one of those sinks, which isn’t how I usually wash my hair and I remember at the time, it didn’t feel to comfortable. But my jaw and teeth are so aching this morning. I don’t know if it’s maybe wisdom teeth or what, but basically, my teeth suck and I blame to dentist.

Obviously, they are not solely to blame, but I don’t drink teeth, coffee or alcohol. I don’t smoke. I rarely drink fizzy drinks. Don’t eat too many sweets or chocolate. I am like your average person with biscuits and cakes. I do admit to having a slight addiction to apples and pure fruit juices, which I know are not the best for teeth. And I can’t control my own genetics, which I would say are also to blame too. My top teeth are lovely though and thankfully, my bottom teeth are quite deep set, so you can’t even see them when I smile, which is great. It’s funny for someone to have a body issue with their teeth, but there you go, I’m abnormally not average.


TV Show of The Day: I have rekindled my love of Grey’s and you are the first too know, I have just completed season 3 and now believe I might have to watch Private Practice too!
Nails of The Day: Non!