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Worry Wart

Do you worry? I have this big massive problem that I worry about everything. I worry about things that I can’t control, I worry about things that I do, even though they aren’t anything to worry about and I just worry in general, which isn’t helped by the fact that I am very very laid back and tend not to stress about things. They kind of contradict each other, but the worry is in my head half the time, and it stays there.

I worry about stupid things. Like if I say something to someone, and then for ages after, I wonder if I should have, even though it’s nothing to worry about. I worried for ages about my little car incident the other day. And this is the worst part, I worry about things that have absolutely nothing to do with me. Say if someone else is having a hard time with something, I’ll bloody worry about that for them. Even though I’m not involved! I think worry is not the right sort of word to use, it’s more fixating on it and not stopping to think about it.

It’s not that big of an issue and most of the time, it’s only when I have nothing else to do this happens, but it’s just strange, because I NEVER use to worry about anything at all, maybe it’s old age (lol!). Once I get to work tomorrow, I’ll probably think nothing of it at all. I just find it that little bit strange and annoying.

Anyway, yesterday I had a really good afternoon of catching up on stuff. And please, do not get me started on the insane back-up of Revenge episodes that I have to watch (I think as of this Monday, it will be 9). I just can’t seem to get into it. I think I just need a day to watch them in, maybe May Day. I caught up first with my US comedy, watching 2 Broke Girls and The New Normal. I really like them both, but if they did get cancelled, I wouldn’t worry (haha!) either. I know from Spoiler TV that things arn’t looking good for The New Normal, and I am struggling to see how it will continue after this season, but it’s still good. Then I caught up on my UK drama, watching The Village (good, if a little depressing at times!) and The Ice Cream Girls. I know the last one is based on a book so I might have to read it.

Which leads me very nicely in to what is being dubbed “Coincidence of the Day”. I absolutely fricking love coincidences! Am I the only one that finds them fascinating! It’s just like the worlds ways of telling us there’s more to it, you know. I had a bit of time, so I thought I’d watch a film and saved on the box, I had The Disappearance of Alice Creed. I was in to minds to watch it because it’s an 18, which  tend to stay away from, because being a child in my head, I am literally scared of my own shadow. But also, I kind of thought it might be a bit icky in the, well, let’s just say icky in the 18 sense of the way. But, actually, I really enjoyed it, because there was a great story to it. I think personally, I could get away with being a 15, because there isn’t any sort of high bloody violence in it, I think it’s an 18 more for the swearing and the nudity (which is brief). And to be far to most 15 year olds  they probably swear more than what the people in the film do, but anyway, I am digressing (verbal diarrhea). Anywhoo, there are some really great twists in the story (sorry *spoiler alert*) that I didn’t expect at all and that’s what kept the story interest. And here is where the coincidence comes into play. One of the guys in the movie was in The Ice Cream Girls. And I could have literally watched any film (I have about 8 pages worth of movies to get through – you get it, I like movies!) and I choose that one. It was fate – well, maybe just a tad. But it made me happy.

Quite a lot of randomness in this blog, so I think we shall end it there.


TV Show Of The Day: Should be Nashville, but due to my inability to remember to set it to record, I have a rather lovely date with a man named 4OD this afternoon!
Nail Varnish Of The Day: None but I have a lovely set of Primark Neon’s that need an outing!

*A new bit here, check back Tuesday, because I am going to blog about the final of Broadchurch, which was highly discussed in my staff room the other day. I do have a theory, but I won’t let you know till afterwards (I will not cheat, I swear) but I still think the Vicar is a bit shifty! PS anyone else find it hilarious that the Vicar and David Tennent where both in Doctor Who at different times? (silence) no, just me then!