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Where Have I Been?

Well hello there everyone! I know it’s been a day and an age since I last posted, but I do promise, I am not lying when I say that I have been very very busy!!!!

For part of my time away, I was actually in London. I only went for two days, but it only took me two minutes to realise that it is somewhere that I would never ever want to live. Don’t get me wrong, the actually City itself is lovely and I live in a city already, so I think I am probably a city person, but I just cannot stand the rudeness of tube goers. I get that we are all trying to get to the same place, at the same time and that there are many of us doing this all at once, but I am literally and physically covered in bruises for the amount of times I was push or banged into! I’m just not cut out for the tub lifetstyle, it will never be for me. I’m not for the tube etiquette, the tube heat or just the bloody tube in general. Give me a good old fashion bus anyday! I’m basically just not cut out to be a Londoner ( a full time one anyway), so to anyone who is, I raise my hat to you! You wouldn’t want me anyway, I’m too nice!

But while I was in London, I took a lovely River Boat Cruise, which made me realise, I like being on the water. Now, don’t expect me to be telling you anytime soon that I have given up my current abode for a canal barge ala Rosie and Jim. But I would love to travel to work by boat everyday, it’s rather nice (expect for the tipping but we didn’t have any of that).

I also, and rather excitingly, went to see The Lion King and it was amazing (say it in the style of Craig off of Strictly to get the full effect). I’ve never been to see a West End show before and it was so good. I mean, full props to all the people backstage, cause that thing ran as smooth as a babies bum (vulgar I know, I apologies!). I obviously couldn’t see the people backstage, but I couldn’t imagine how many people were there or running the show. But everything, from the sets, too the actors, too the musicians, they were all fantastic. I loved how they didn’t just stick to the stage either and how they came down the aisles, especially the massive *spoiler alert* elephant at the beginning (it’s really not a spoiler because if you haven’t seen the Lion King by now in your life, then you must live under a rock FACT!).

I have been a bit of a theatre lovey lately, because I also went to see in my hometown (I say town, I live in a city, that only really just qualifies as a city!) an armature dramatic products of Disney’s Beauty and The Beast. I just love the film of Beauty and the Beast, especially the songs and the candlestick Lumiere (I think that’s how you spell it) and it was amazing too. Just as good as anything you’d see in the West End and really well put together and performed. It ran smoothly too, even when my friend Helen nearly took out Belle at the beginning when she was walking down the aisle. To be fair to Helen, we weren’t expecting anyone to walk down the aisle, so it did come as a bit of a surprise, but luckily Helen got herself sorted just in time to let Belle past. It could have been a lot worse!

I’ve also been enjoying the Tennis, although I’ve realised that I do not know half of the tennis players that are currently playing. Non of my old favourites or the ones that I know seem to be playing in it anymore and theres no Andy Roddick 😦 I shall have to watch Wimbledon carefully and latch myself on to some new players to follow. But I’ll be cheering on Murray, I’m currently watching his first match!

That’s all for now, but I promise, cross my heart and metaphorically hope to die.


Thought Of The Day: Not a whole lot really!
Nails Of The Day: A duo of OPI “Did it On Em” and Sally Hansen “Loves Me Not”, with some Wimbledon themed nail art.