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Revelation, Movies and Rudeness (all in one post!)

I could really bore you to death in a few separate posts, but I thought it would be nicer of me to bore you to death all in one long slog – I’m just that nice.

The other day I changed the wallpaper on my phone. I like to us movie posters as the background on my phone, and for a while I had the Star Trek Into Darkness poster as my wallpaper. And for months, I was under the illusion that the guy in the poster was Kirk, but it is actually in fact Benedict Cumberbatch’s character. I’ll find a link to the poster, but to be honest, it is wee, so it’s hard to tell who it is. Poster. Ok, so it’s not that small on a laptop screen, but on a phone screen it is and my eyesight is terrible. So the other day I changed it to the new Thor Poster. Do not get me started on the US date on the post, cause I got all excited that it might be out around my birthday, until I realised the 11 was the month, not 8. Anywhoo, as I added the wallpaper to my phone, it dawned on me. I have an over excited thing for Thor, especially his lovely lovely golden hair, which I have mentioned several times, in some rather creepy as I type this sounding posts. But as I added this wallpaper, I realised to myself that I din’t have a thing for Chris Hemsworth, lovely as he is, I have a thing for Thor! And ain’t that just said, so here it is – I want to marry Thor! The actual God of Thunder and not the actor that plays him. I am insane!

Anyway, movies. Yesterday I watched one and a bit of a movie, because I got slightly bored of the second one and was trying to do something else while I was watching it, so I wasn’t really concentrating that much. The first one I watched, which I loved and again, didn’t expect to, was Blue Valentine. The second one was Inside Man, which I gotta be honest, I watched about 30 minutes of it and I didn’t really like what I saw, but I’m hoping that it was due to my lack of concentration, rather than the movie. I think it will be a grower, cause I’ve watched films where the beginning is really rubbish, but then the end is like woah! Or maybe I’m becoming a film snob, cause to be honest, you use to be able to stick anything on and I’d probably watch it. Actually, that’s still true!

Onto the rudeness part of the title. I have the unfortunate annoyance of being in a detached house, so I have neighbours very very close to me on each side. And this week, the ones that I mostly complain about on here, decided that it was ok to flick all their fag butts into our back yard. I don’t care whether you know people or not, but when was it OK to do that? I fortunately do not have the disgusting habit that is smoking, but seriously, where did common decency go in the youth of today. That makes me sound really old, considering I’m basically about 5 years older than them and not long ago, I was the youth of today. But luckily, I have the sense of decency not to do things like this. Anyway, rant over, it ain’t your problem.

As for today’s movie(s). I really want to watch the 3rd Transformers movie, because as I mentioned earlier this week, my brain is trying to make room and I do not remember much of that film, apart from the spiral crushing robot thing and Patrick Dempsey being in it lol. But, as well as the many movies that I mentioned on my box, fricking Tinker Tailor Solider Spy has been staring at me from my DVD shelf for a long time now, so I might have to actually watch it. I really want to watch it, so not wanting to sin’t the problem, I just get easily distracted by other movies. I have several books with bookmarks in at the moment, so that should really say everything.

Anyway, good day to you all, enjoy it!


Food Of The Day: Asda’s ice lollies with the popping candy in!
NailsĀ Of The Day: Non, but I think I’m actually going to do some nail art today, cause I’m getting lazy!