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The Boss Wants You!

So, the other day a work, I went into the office to do some photocopying, when the Secretary said:

“Did [name aka the boss] speak to you?”

At this moment, within like 5 seconds everything goes through your head – what did I do, what’s going on and more importantly, AM I GETTING CANNED!

This in-saneness was made worse when she then said:

“It was to do with that meeting last week.”

Now, this made the fact even worse, because it was an important meeting. Time goes very slow in those few seconds, but then luckily, I was glad to learn that it was something positive about me, rather than I was getting fired. So phew!

So, did you watch Comic Relief last night! I gotta say, it wasn’t that great, considering that my favourite moment of the night was watching John Bishop getting kissed to death by David Tennant!  But I’m glad they raised lots of money, so at least some good came out of it.


Thought Of The Day: Getting a cold!
Nail Varnish Of The Day: Non but I had the same nails for 6 days running! Insane!