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Let’s Rename This Sofa

Well hello chums!, while this is a Miranda excited start to this post, be warned, it’s a lie, as the rest of this post will be bloody miserable.

I am typing from the sofa, aka the sickbed! as I am full of a Christmas Cold. Even adding the word Christmas before cold couldn’t make it any less of a cold. So today, I am having my first day off work all year!

So, to keep myself from going insane and delirious from cold, I in all my wisdom, decided that the best thing to do would be to finally sit down and watch Made In Chelsea! I have so far watch the first 4 episodes of Season 1 on 4OD on Youtube (BTW, does anyone have loading issues with it, I had to keep refreshing it!). I literally had to stop myself from watching more episodes, I thought 4 was rather enough in my current circumstances. I shall probably watch 4 more tomorrow lol! What’s worse, just thinking about it, I think I could actually name everyone already too! How sad is that! Bet you can guess who my favourite is – just see the posts below.

As for the rest of my weekend, it has been spent pretty much watching films and the last of I’m A Celebrity. If you didn’t guess the Christmas film that I watched this weekend, it was Elf. I think it is one of the best newer Christmas films that has come out. Then I watched Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadow, which I really enjoyed (strange how it follows the same stories as the tv show???) and then today, after I prized myself away from Made In Chelsea, I watched The Vow, which is a film I wanted to see when it with in the cinema, but it was basically only on for a week here, so I missed it.

I did put up the old Christmas tree this weekend. I am slightly concerned though that the damn thing is going to fall over, cause all I have to do is prod it a little and the thing wobbles like Pisa. Here is a rather fetching picture:

So that’s how it’s been going down!


Thought Of The Day: 4 episodes of Made In Chelsea in one go is more than enough for any normal human being!
Nail Varnish Of The Day: None can’t be bothered!