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Spoiler Alert!

Yet more admissions – I am a huge spoiler have to knower! And yes, I do realise that that isn’t even a word! But who the hell cares.

I am the kind of person that will flick through the chapters of a box and read random parts to find out if I think whats going to happen will actually happen and to basically read all the good bits! I will read all the spoilers going on my favourite tv shows, including my US ones, where I will read the episode synopsis on Wikipedia to see what will happen and will google fansites to find screencaps for the episodes when something great really happens!

I know that is as it suggests, spoiling things, but I really don’t see it as that at all. It’s more preparation! You see, there are many times when things have happened in an episode that I was all like Oh My God at and really annoyed. Now that I can prepare myself, I can get myself in the correct mental state (she says!), ok, maybe it’s just that I like spoilers/gossip/ect… I really don’t care!

So, when this morning I saw a tweet pop up in my timeline about a US show that I loved, first thing I did was wiki the episode. This is were your going to think I’m really sad. On my phone, I don’t know if other people get this, but because of the way Wikipedia is coded, I often can’t read the episode synopsis, because bit’s get cut off – yet I still read it and try to mentally fill in the gaps! Even though I hadn’t seen the episode, I tried to put in what I thought might happen and wanted to happen. Pathetic right – it gets worse! Then I IMDB’d it, because I know they have episode synopsis and whoever wrote it filled in the gaps so so well! Then tonight, I googled for a fansite and looked at screen caps! This episode is like a good chunk into the season too, so as I type this I am feeling even more of a pathetic idiot!

I’ll redeem myself and a spoiler alert to those who haven’t seen it – How good was the finale of Miranda!!!! It was such a perfect ending. OK now real spoilers, I just liked saying that! I got very depressed on Monday when the episode finished, because it only seems like 2 minutes ago since the series started! Role on series 4!

Do I overly use !!!!!!


Thought Of The Day: I had a really good one but it’s gone! I hope it comes back to me soon!
Nail Varnish Of The Day: I did a patch job on my Umberto Giannin shades in Ladies Violetta and Love.

The stupid things you see people do!

I saw something today while on my walk home and as soon as I saw it, I was literally like “did I really just see that happen?”, because I couldn’t quite believe it! I thought maybe he hadn’t seen, but I actually saw him turn on look!

OK, so here’s how it played out. There was a man walking in front of me, pushing a baby in a pram, while his dog walked next to it, not on a lead (not judging this! it’s important to the story). Anyway, so the guy decides he should put the dog onto the lead. So he let’s go of the pram and begins to put the lead on the dog. Sound’s pretty normal so far, bar one detail – this was on a hill! Naturally, pram starts to go down the hill (not a big hill, more like a path going to flat, but still pram able to move). Guy see’s pram moving, yet decides the wise decision is to let the pram keep moving, and continue to leash the dog! Luckily he caught up to the pram and thankfully, there were no cars around, but Jesus! Some people!

I had a rather fun night last night watching Miranda – I gotta say it was the best episode of series 3 so far and I thankfully do not have to have my sister asking me again “Is Gary Barlow in this episode?” because he was last night! I literally laughed my socks off from start to end, so much so, I am going to watch it again on iPlayer right now!


Tv Show Of The Day: Miranda
Nail Varnish Of The Day: Sally Hansen Insta Dry in Uptempo Plum – A Pound Shop Marvel!

Happy New Year

I know, a day late but that’s me all over!

So my New Years was pretty low key. I don’t really go in and celebrate New Years and very very rarely do I actually ever stay up for New Year, I went to bed at just after 11 this year, but only because I was watching something, not so I could actually stay up. And that brings me to my first order of business.

I ended up watching a bit of the Graham Norton show, which isn’t something that I usually watched, but Hugh Jackman was on it. Isn’t he just a lovely fella. And this got me thinking. There was only one person ever who I thought I would love to have as a Dad other than my own, and that was John Barrowman. But, correct me if I’m wrong, are Hugh Jackman’s kids adopted?? If so do you think he’d be looking into the market to adopt a 25 year old?? Cause I would so love him to be my other Dad. If anyone know how to contact him and ask, I’d be very happy. I am fully house trained and means independent so he’d really not have to bother that much! (I sound insane right now don’t I!)

Then on New Years Day, I didn’t really do that much either. My back was sore yesterday, which kind of hindered things but I sat down to watch the end of Tron Legacy first. I don’t know why (well I do know why, figure it out!) but I bloody love this movie, it is such a guilty pleasure of mine and whenever I can’t decided what to watch, I just know I’ll enjoy Tron Legacy. Then in the afternoon, I watched Mary Poppins which I haven’t seen for bloody ages and that was great too, really long for an older movie I thought, but I couldn’t stop singing the songs all last night. I’ve watched quite a lot of movies over the past few days including Ted, The Dark Night Rises, Star Trek, Rock Of Ages and Rio. I have Snow White and The Huntsman to watch, but I’ll get to that soon.

Then last night I settled in for Miranda, I bloody love Miranda, it’s such a great comedy show and I think the reason I like it, is because I feel like Miranda a lot of the time lol Not to say that I fall over a lot or get myself into embarrassing situations (I’v never been topless in public for starters!) but shes just really normal, if you get my drift.

So that’s my little update start to 2013. I shall hopefully be back with something just that little bit more interesting soon.


Fruit Juics Of The Day: Tesco’s Apple and Mango, combining two of my favourite fruits!
Nail Varnish Of The Day: None but I am going to do them in a minute.