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Dream Wardrobe (24/09/12)

Hey everyone and apologies for my tardiness! I have gone full time at work this year, which means I haven’t been home in the afternoon, so everything is getting pushed back. However, saying that, I managed to do some major and price responsible shopping on Saturday. I got three tops in the Next sale for £30 and then two tops in New Look for £20. One is actually a repurchase, which seems odd, but it was a top I original paid full price for and love. So now I have one for work and one for home!  One of my Next tops is shedding up a storm though. Round the chair I sit in at work, was covered with these see through sequins. I don’t mind too much, as I like the pattern more.

Anyway, New Look seems to be my one stop shop at the moment, they have so many great outfits in. I love there branded products, because they are so reasonable in price, but have that extra something. There is a Tokyo Doll dress I wanted to show you but it isn’t on the site at the moment, but if it weren’t for the downpour, I would have gone and got it after work. Anyway, here are a few things on the dream wardrobe list:

I love this Black Skull Print Shirred Waist Dress and while I can’t get away with skull print at work, it would be a great weekend dress. It’s only £20 too!

This isn’t actually a dream wardrobe, it’s my wardrobe! This is the Urban Bliss dress that I bought to wear to my end of work do, but never ended up wearing and it’s on sale for £16.99 at the moment, so I would recommend it to anyone! I love Dip Hem’s, I got an Owl print dip hem Cameo Rose top at the weekend.

Speaking of Cameo Rose, I love this Stone Dip Hem Dress! It’s so cute and I actually prefer this colour to the red toned one they also sell. Again, a steal at £19.99.

And speaking of Owl Print, how much stuff is emblazoned with Owl’s. I bet there is a highly fashionable reason behind it, but it’s gone over my head. This is a rather pretty Cameo Rose White Owl Print Tank. And considering it is only £9.99, you are getting a lot of detail for the money.

I’d like to make it clear that I don’t work for New Look or Cameo Rose, I just think it’s a superb brand.  This is a great mix of soft with the material and hard with the print, on this Cameo Rose Black Cross Print Pocket Swing Vest. I don’t know what is meant by swing vest, but I think it just sounds amazing. This is £12.99.

If you are anything like me, you are currently freezing to death, the weather in the UK is fricking annoying! This Urban Bliss Dark Red Stripe Knitted Jumper, looks like it could more than keep me warm. It’s £19.99.

I hope you enjoyed this!


Thought Of The Day: Putting a bag of sweets in a drawer and closing it, does not at all mean that I won’t eat them!
Nail Varnish Of The Day: Essie Sexy Divine, with a coat of Model’s Own Mirror Ball Collection in Boogie Nights.

Dream Wardrobe (11/08/2012)

I’m sorry, but New Look is particularly lousy with such fantastic clothing at the moment. I recently got a top in there, which they now have in black, that I might just have to get, but here are a few other items I’ve seen. One of my particular favourite new brands is Cameo Rose. I have a things for skull prints at the moment and their clothes are literally littered with skulls.

This Black Aztec Print T-Shirt is not my usual sort of thing, but I love the mixture of colours and designs.

I’ve wanted this Black Skull Lace T-shirt for ages and they finally had it in store today! So it may be mine!

This Black Foil Heart Skull Vest is perfect for my current fascination with skulls. I actually got a black gold vest like this in there recently.

While this Gold Sequin Dip Back Vest isn’t an everyday item, it would make a perfect going out top.

Again, while this Urban Bliss Black Sheet Aztec Fringe Vest might not be everyday, it would be perfect layered over a white tank.

New Look is going to get a lot of business from me next Saturday lol (MY BIRTHDAY!)

There is a big giant reason….

There is a big giant reason why I don’t often go in New Look alone – they have amazing shoes! Sadly, the lure of New Look proved too much today and I found that they had some rather fantastic new boots in!!! And having just bought a new pair from another store, this is quite frankly killing me lol!

These were the first ones I saw in store and I am massively lusting after them now. I have a pair just like this from New Look before and I wore them till they fell apart. They also do them in tan and they are only £34.99!!!

I am still waiting for these to come down in price a bit as there £59.99  but they are bloody glitter fantastic if you ask me!

I saw these in store today as well and just think they would make the perfect everyday boot. I tend to wear boots for work, so I go through a lot of pairs cause I do a lot of walking.

Although I can’t get away with skulls for work, I do love anything with a skull print. I’m waiting for these to come down a bit too as their £59.99 but fingers crossed!

Let’s hope the birthday fairy leaves me lots of lovely spends soon!


Olympic Sport Of The Day: Gymnastics, in another life I would make a fantastic one lol!
Nail Varnish Of The Day: It’s back, I am wearing a rather shiny fantastic shade of blue, OPI Spider-Man Collection in Into The Night.

Dream Wardrobe (31/07/2012)

I saw this bag in Company magazine and I instantly fell in love with it. Now, having found the image on the official Angel Jackson website, I see they have a butt load of other lovely fabulous feather bags. This is still my favourite:

The THE MINI RIO FEATHER BRIGHT is completely out of my price range at £308, but I have finally found something I can attempt to do with my time off! I am going to try and recreate this bag! I have never made a bag at all in my life before, but I can sew and have made other things with material with little failure, so finger’s crossed! I’ll keep you updated.

Song Of The Day: The new Rita Ora song is getting me in a summery mode at the moment!
Nail Varnish Of The Day: None, but yesterday I had a purple and gold combo going on for my portrait article!

Dream Wardrobe (22/07/2012)

It’s time for another dream wardrobe post! I am an avid reader of Teen Vogue, but a lot of the item’s I like, I can’t get over here. But. Pacsun I can!

This is a Billabong Dream Chaser Sweater. I really like cardigans because I tend to wear them for work on a daily basis and I prefer open ones that are drapey. I will be looking for a couple fo new ones for next year, so my birthday spends will come very in handy. This is just a tad out of the old price range at £49.09 (+ shipping from America) but it’s lovely!

Dream Wardrobe Finds!

I must admit that I do take a fancy to high end fashion sometimes. I do not own anything that could ever be classed as high fashion but everyone can dream! Because I do my style stealers article, I sometimes end up with some exact finds but also find a few things I would like to own, but know I never could. This being the first:

This Catherine Malandrino Lace-ruffled silk-chiffon blouse is so pretty, but considering it’s £310, it’s gone on the dream list lol! I just think this would suit me no end, so I’ll be looking for a cheaper version.

I have wanted a pair of Frye Engineer Boots for years!!! This is actually a more do able thing as they are £146.03 and I bet they would last for years. I think one day I will own these!

This I could definatly and really want to own! This Zuzi Zuzi Feather Print Tunic Top is from New Look and I saw it in town last week. But as usual, they didn’t have my size. They did in the black version, but I really love the red colour. I want it for my end of work do! I am going shopping with my friend Helen tomorrow, so I hope they have restocked!

Will let you know what I get tomorrow!