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January’s Over

I can’t believe that already it is nearly the end of January, don’t just doesn’t sound or sit right with me. Doesn’t see to minutes since it was Christmas! I don’t feel like I’ve done that much this January either, I thought it would be more productive. I did, as you can see to the left of this post on me old twitter account, bake doughnuts for the first time this weekend, which was really interesting but I don’t want that to be the big be all and end all of my January!

I am not so usually ailment ridden as it seems on this blog, but this morning I woke up with a sore eye. I had woke up in the middle of the night and felt it, but thought nothing of it. But now the pain seems to have moved to my nose, which make me think (sorry for any following visual), that there is something evil brewing on my nose. Let’s just say I’m armed and ready for whatever comes!!

I haven’t said anything yet about the last episode of Sherlock and too be honest, while there was a great twist in the first part of it, this series has not been my favourite, I prefer the other two much more. I don’t know why, I just couldn’t get into the stories as well. I should have re-watched the previous two series of it, before going into this. It wasn’t terrible by any means, any of those episodes is mile better than an average episode of an average show, I just didn’t feel it. This weekend was all about Arrow though, which is a new series I’ve been getting into. I won’t go into full rant as to why, I’m sure I have ranted about it on this blog sometime before, but I don’t like Sky TV. I think they take shows that are popular on freeview and make people pay the privilege to watch them. And they bury shows that I would love to watch. Anyway, my sister lent me the boxset of the first season and I’ve watched 10 episodes since Saturday so far and I’m really enjoying it. It’s kind of like a mix of Batman and Revenge lol! And my father-in-waiting John Barrowman is in it too, so that’s always gonna give it an extra point.

Anyway, I shall bore you no more (for today!).


TV Show Of The Day: Arrow plus many others!
Nails Of The Day: OPI Steady as she Rose and OPI Strange Tides

Truly Knackered

This week was my first week back at work and I gotta say, by Friday, I was bloody pooped. I don’t work 9-5, but what I do do, I actually work really hard at but normally, I’m great. But this week, it just so took it out of me, I couldn’t believe it. I went to bed last night and I just hit the pillow straight away! Maybe it was first week back feeling and maybe, I think, it was more hitting my head against a brick wall feeling (not literally I might add!).

Anyway, I am going to be enjoying my weekend off by doing everything I love to do, which mostly involves watching lots of telly lol! Revenge was back on Monday and if you remember how last year I ended up so behind, this year, it’s not a problem, because I’m actually watching it live, rather than recorded. I really enjoyed Monday’s opening episode, even if at some points I felt like I was missing out on something. I don’t know if everyone felt like that, it just seemed at times they were talking about stuff as if I should know it but I didn’t, unless it’s just my memory failing me, I don’t know. Then on Wednesday I watched the new series “The Tomorrow People”, which I enjoyed so much more than I thought I would. I don’t for obvious birth date reasons remember the 70’s series of the same name and don’t for some reason remember the 90’s revival of it either. Some people are saying that it’s in the possibility to be cancelled area, which I hope not, because if the rest of the episodes are just as good as the pilot, then I think it’s going to make a great series.

And this weekend it will be the last episode of Sherlock! I can’t believe it goes that quickly. I know a lot of people didn’t really enjoy episode two and I must admit I do miss the long case investigation type edge to it, but watching Sherlock get drunk – priceless! I also managed to finally watch The Brady Bunch Movie Sequel too, which I don’t even remember going anything like it did and I swear there were scenes in it that didn’t happen in the film I watched recorded from TV – unless they cut them for time reasons or something I don’t know. I could be thinking of an entirely different film!


Musing Of The Day: Is dusting not the most boring thing in the world. Whoever invented dust is an idiot!
Nails Of The Day: None 😦

The First 3 days

So we are now into the third day of 2014 and I have to say, pretty uneventful so far. But it’s only been three days, but a lot can happen in that time. I do believe judging by these first 3 days however, it’s going to be the year of weather!

Jan 1st was very uneventful, but I don’t really go in for all the new year stuff. We had a nice dinner, but that’s it. In the afternoon, however, I did watch Man of Steel and to be honest, didn’t really enjoy it. I have hard time enjoying anything with Superman in. I watched one episode of Smallville once and it bored me to death, but I did like the 2006 (I think!) movie. I found the action so fast in Man of Steel, it was so hard to follow and bad on the eyes and a lot of it looked very fake. What also got me was that the story kept chopping and changing (what story there was), it was so hard to follow and get into it in places. What annoyed me the most though, was the fact that they caused so much destruction, it looked like the flattened the town. I know in other movies (Marvel!), that they do destroy stuff, but it never seems to be to the extent that they did in Man of Steel and a lot of it seemed needless. Also, and I will admit this, I missed the cheesiness of Superman, with the icon suit, I think it took it self far too seriously and was trying to be like Batman, which is a very very different character. Then on the opposite end of that day, was the fantastic Sherlock, oh how I’ve missed you. Sherlock actually seemed a lot more human considering it seemed like he’d been living in some sort of alone wilderness for 2 years. That beginning twist was fantastic.

2nd of Jan was spent watching more stuff as well and trying to cut my box down (12% empty!!!). I got in a little Studio Ghibli action by watching “From Up On Poppy Hill” which I got for Christmas. It wasn’t rated as highly as ever SG movies, but I enjoyed it. I loved the clubhouse element, I would have love to have had one of them at school.

Today, you guessed it, I watched another movie. I did venture out to town and needless to say, but more nail varnish that I didn’t need (6 in total!). But while I had my lunch I watched Now You See Me, which I knew was going to be a really clever movie! I feel like I should have seen the ending coming from the beginning, but I didn’t! I loved the beginning bit as well, because I swear to you now, I picked the 7 of diamonds, I don’t know how they did that. I think I heard that they were making a sequel, which would be cool, as I really loved the trickery of it.

No movies tonight however, unless I can’t find anything to watch. It’s slim pickings till next week when all me lovely US shows come back / start. You may remember my love hate relationship with Revenge last year, but I plan on actually watching it live this year, rather than recorded. BTW, I have yet to watch the finale of 90210, I’m back up by a good 10+ episodes!


Musing Of The Day: I think I should go on Pointless. Anyone care to join me?
Nails Of The Day: Revlon Mistletoe – a bit late but a lovely shade.

Ready for Christmas!!!

I am literally ready for Christmas to be here right now! I have most of my gifts bought and wrapped (thank you, I know!), I have my tree up (it went up on December 1st naturally see here), I watched my first Christmas movie on Sunday (The Muppet Christmas Carol) and I am currently listening to Christmas music (Kelly Clarkson – Wrapped In Red). So if you are listening Santa, you know one of us is ready! In fact, I met Santa last week, so I can indeed for certain say that he is in fact 100% real and in now way was this some fake Santa guy! He’s FACT!

Nothing much to report otherwise. I went for a job interview last week, which I annoyingly didn’t get and could have done with, but it must mean something better is still to come (do not burst this bubble!). I am still watching I’m A Celebrity – quick thought on this actually. Is it just me or are the guys that are not wearing their shirts the ones that really should be? There is only so much man chest you can see over your supper! I have currently knit 17 mini stockings, so at least I have a goal, but apart from that, I am being regular old boring me, no interesting celebrity based crushes flip out of late!


Music Of The Day: Kelly Clarkson “Wrapped In Red” Album
Nails Of The Day: None as they are currently splitting up a good en, so I’m letting them grown for my xmas do!

Caught Fire and Where’s Hugo Update?

Last night I went to the cinema to see The Hunger Games: Catching Fire and I loved it! It pretty much plays out the book as follows, but overall I was really impressed. I’ve only just read the book actually cause it seems I but these books and only manage to read them just before the films come out, but that’s a good thing cause I had the story in my head. There were a few if I were being picky bits missing and personally for me, there was not enough of the lovely Finnick Odair (I know he comes across as a bit of a pervert at first, but theres more going on with him than either Gale or Peeta!). As male characters go, he’s a much more stronger character than Gale or Peeta. As Gale is being fronted as a main character, he doesn’t do bugger all for the first 2 books and I always find Peeta a little too wet behind the ears! I think they cut some bits out of the movie because I’ve seen the stills and some bit weren’t in it! I could have done without the dripping water too as I need the toilet halfway through (I went before hand – trust me!) and this DID NOT HELP!!

The most highlighting bit of the night actually didn’t happen in the movie. There were these people who got moved to the front before the movie started, I’m not sure why and thanks to them, I was so busy being annoyed at them talking, I missed the Katniss and Gale kiss!!! But they kept getting up and going out and by halfway through, they left and shouted goodbye to everyone (like we knew them!). One person summed up every ones feelings perfectly by telling them politely to eff off and got a big round of applause.

And now to the second part of this post, Hugo watch!!! He’s been found and is bringing two of my favourite things together by being on the Christmas Celebrity Come Dine With Me!!! They must have known I was talking about him! I watched the first Made In Chelsea special of Come Dine With Me and I can’t remember if he was on it, I don’t think he was, but that was a good one. Please keep me up to date with anymore on the Hugo Watch hotline!!

And finally, need I say more but 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who tonight!!! More post show tomorrow!


Film Of The Day: Catching Fire
Nails Of The Day: I have a Hunger Games based do with a black polish base then flicks of as many orange and red based shades as I could find, to make my nails look on fire!! Wish they were, my hands are freezing!

The Unwritten Laws of Ebay Bidding

I am sorry for not posting yesterday but I was all posted out by then.

I am still on the hunt for the next set of dvds after season 4 of Doctor Who, which is the specials. I went to town yesterday to look in my usual haunts, but sadly, I could not find them (or Grey’s Season 8). I was until this morning, the highest bidder on ebay on them, at a very good price, but as I am currently limitedly (that’s not even a word) funded on paypal, I have a budget. And I was all happy until some fecker (mind the language!) came in and outbid.

I think there really needs to be some unwritten law on ebay that if you really really want it, then everyone else should just politely step out of the bloody way and let you win it. My worst are those who have shown no attention on the item until the last 30 seconds and then bloody swoop in like vultures and steal it. I remember a few years back I was the highest bidder till the last few minutes on an Apple Mac Book and someone swooped in and ended up out bidding me at the last minute by 50 bloody pence (too many bloodys, I do apologies!).

I’m gonna wait a little bit more, but if I haven’t got it by next Sunday, I think I’ll either just get it off of Amazon or I might cave and sign up to Netflix! To be far it’s cheaper than ebay actually, the price on there for some of them are extortionate!

In other news, in a few days I shall be bidding farewell to my friend of 2 years, my Samsung Galaxy Mini. We’ve had some great times together, but it’s just time for me to move on. I thought about maybe upgrading her to the new Samsung Galaxy Mini III but my eye has been swayed by the iPhone! I don’t know but I just always fancied one and lots of people have them so they can’t be all that bad!


Clothing Of The Day: My Jersey Tall Trousers came from South@Very and they are so bloody comfy and they are long enough so wahey!!!
Nails Of The Day: Same as yesterday.

The Ultimate Cross Over

There is a good chance that I am currently under some sort of delirium from becoming a bit of a Hermit and watching way too many episodes of Doctor Who, but I had the idea for the best crossover ever. This also may be due to the fact that I am currently on a Thor high (not a drug, the movie!) after having seen the trailer for the 2 film yesterday.

How about a Thor and Doctor Who crossover!!!! Technically, this could actually happen, because as we know Asgard is a part of the Universe and the lovely lovely Thor lives on Asgard (I think!), and correct me if I’m wrong, but after watching what feels like a gazillion episodes of Doctor Who, I do believe Asgard got a name check. And yes, you are all so right in the fact that I must have far too much time on my hands to be able to think of all this. I really do, it’s quite sad frankly!

But ladies and gentlemen, a very sad event did indeed happen today – I finished the final of the seasons of Doctor Who I had 😦 I had forgotten how good the end of Season 4 was with all the cross overs and what not, but yes, it’s official, I now have nothing to watch (disregarding entirely the 9 pages of movies and all those episodes of 90210 plus whatever the hell else I’ve recorded – I think I should lose the batteries!). I have two leads (get me – like a spy!) on ebay for the specials that follow from David Tennant to Matt Smith, so let’s hope I win. but if not – I’m ready to discover, what news shows should I watch or which shows should I rewatch?

However, I really think I need to get back in to some of the other things I should do instead – the story certainly isn’t going to write itself, plus the other bits I need to do.


DIY Of The Day: a) I removed the clamp from my curler at last but b) lost part of it in the process but hopefully should work.
Nails Of The Day: I actually did my nails today!! I have on my all time favourite black A England Camelot and Model’s Own Thunder and Lightening, with some nice little decals.

Putting Out a Plea!!!!

The library has failed me. The dvd store that stocks 2nd hand dvd’s has failed me. I have only got one more place to try, and that’s the charity shops. Trust me, whenever you want something, go to the charity shop and you’ll get it, works every time.

I am slowly but surely coming to the end of my season 1-4 boxset of Doctor Who and unknown to me, it doesn’t go up to when Matt Smith becomes the Doctor, that’s the specials, which is a separate boxset entirely! So I had planned to get it from the library or me dvd store. Well, neither of them had it. I also need to complete Grey’s by watching season 8 and they didn’t have that either.

Now, I’m no cheapskate! I will buy something if I need to, but as I don’t own the rest of them and can assume that when they do finish (dear God, I hope they never finish Doctor Who,) they will release a boxset. But the past boxsets don’t seem to be that cheap. Usually you can get the older ones cheaper.

I have formulated a plan that goes as follow:

– Check all charity shops and also ebay. They only problem with ebay is it can take forever to bid on something and in the end you don’t even bloody win (negativity I know).

– Cave and buy it.

– Secret option: Get Netflixs. I have been wanting to get it for ages and, violins, I think I might treat myself to it for my birthday, as they have season 5 of Doctor Who too. Can anyone confirm if it has Season 8 of Grey’s cause they only bloody let you see a little of their supposed vast library.

I know, I have real issues if I care this much. But after this, I don’t really have any more boxsets I need to watch (apart from Chuck Season 5 which has been sat there for ages!). I should really be addressing the issue that there are not only several other shows back up on my box but also all the episodes of 90210 season 5 shown in e4 so far, minus the first episode!! I’m so behind, it’s Revenge all over again. But if I can do 18 episodes of Grey’s Anatomy in one day, I’m sure I can catch up on 90210 easily. Challenged meself!


Trailer Of The Day: Thor 2 new trailer was epic!!!!
Nails Of The Day: Nothing.

The New Doctor Confirmed!

So the 12th Doctor has been confirmed to be Peter Capaldi. I’m not exactly ecstatic about it or anything, I really don’t know what to think.

Let’s just say, if I were to pick someone, I don’t think I would have picked him, not that I don’t think he would make a good Doctor, I just have reservation. Personally, and I’m not being ageist, I have liked the younger Doctor’s, but maybe because I’m around the same age as them, that’s why. Also, he has been in Doctor Who and apparently Torchwood, which I have see all the UK based episodes off and don’t actually bloody remember, but they don’t really seem to care about that either.

My biggest reservation, is that Clara is a lot lot younger than he is and I don’t know whether the dynamic would work. Obviously, they would have tested that or maybe Clara might not make it out of the 50th anniversary episode, I don’t know. I have like the sort of love relationships the Doctor’s have had with their companions, but this would be more like Father and Daughter.

But I’m gonna hold off judgement, because I moaned something rotten about Matt Smith and I love him as the Doctor, so you never know.


Tv Show Of The Day: Doctor Who (The David Tennant years of course!)
Nails Of The Day: Nothing.

My possible Doctor’s that will never be!!

Having realised when the show as on tonight, I will be blogging my thoughts on the new Doctor tomorrow. But all this talk about people who could be the Doctor, made me think – who would be really great as the Doctor but highly unlikely to ever be. I will say I’m not a Doctor Who fanatic, I think because I’ve been rewatching it lately, I have kinda got carried away on the excitement of it all. I’m easily lead lol! So here are my options:

1- Michael McIntyre: I think he has the right level of character to be a Doctor and his slightly camp nature if you will, would be really great as the Doctor. Also, he would be funny!

2- Miranda: I am a huge fan of Miranda, so even if it does break my “It should be a fella” rule, I think she would be a great Doctor. I think she could easily pull of a suit, or a gigantic long scarf and hat, and again, her slightly if you will camp nature and funniness would work really well.

3- Hugh Jackman: Of course, I had to back up my back up Daddy. He is such a huge character in really life that he would bring a lot to the roll and as he always has to be quite angry for Wolverine, it would be good to see him do light hearted. He can do a British accent, but whose to say the Doctor can’t be Aussie!! Why has the Doctor never had another accent (please correct if I am wrong on pre new series Doctor’s. I imagine them all to have been quite well spoken).

So there are my three who will never be. Now, I’m gonna let you in on my theory that I posted about on Twitter. David Tennant will forever and always be my Doctor and as he is in the 50th Anniversary special, whose to say that Matt Smith’s Doctor couldn’t regenerate back into David Tennant’s back. I’m ignorant to what the laws of time, space and regeneration are, so if anyone can disprove this theory, let me know.

I can half imagine me pulling a Matt Smith on the new Doctor – aka the he’ll never be as good as David Tennant and then ending up liking him. But I’ll give you reactions tomorrow!


Treat Of The Day: CAKE (Need I say more!)!!!
Nails Of The Day: Nothing.