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I’m getting cynical with old age??

Is it clinically possible for someone to be cynical at the grand old age of 25? Cause I do believe that I am!

Hense the situation on Wednesday night. I was watching the NTA (National Television Awards). Now, I’m not gonna kid myself one little bit – Brits (apart from the Baftas) can’t throw award shows half as good as they do in America (please tell me otherwise – I love being proved wrong). And as using, the NTA’s was a very ITV affair with it’s x factor like effects and hosting. But I must admit, that I was pleased when Merlin, Miranda and Mrs Brown’s Boys won (I do love Big Bang though!).

Now, the hotly tipped category – the soap one. I’m gonna admit, I watch a load, Neighbour, Eastenders, Corrie and Emmerdale. Obviously, Neighbours wasn’t there, but the rest and Hollyoaks were. But here is where I get cynical. ITV knocked Emmerdale off to a one hour episode on Tuesday and put Corrie on at 7 on Wednesday, right before the NTA’s. Then obviously in the voting, Corrie was first, cause it was alphabetical, but then strangely when they showed clips, Corrie changed to the end – why? ITV so knew what they were doing with that and really it’s Emmerdale that I feel sorry for because it’s be very very good this year and they would have had a better chance of winning if they had been on at 7. There was really no need the change the schedule the way they did!

Anyway, more important things to worry about in the world – like why was Call The Midwife not nominated in the drama category when it clearly beat Downton in the ratings.


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