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Who’s That Girl?

Indeed, who am I, for it seems I have not posted in a good long while. But I do have a really good reason (aka excuse!). The last couple of weeks at work have been mega crazy and I’ve literally been bring work home to do, so I’ve just had no time what so ever. But now I’m on a down, so I have a bit more time, which is fab.

So, it’s safe to say, I haven’t really been doing anything that interesting. But tonight, well, ladies and gentlemen (of Europe), tonight is the night, because it’s EUROVISION!!!!!! (stops for breath!)

If you don’t know what Eurovision is (those outside of Europe are excuse), than basically, you’ve been living under a rock. While most would define it as a singing contest, to me, a born and bred Britoinion, Eurovision is just another way of showing that while some people in Britain can sing, to the rest of Europe, we are a country that you don’t vote for, cause it’s all about the Politics. We could have the Queen on stage singing God Save The Queen, and basically, we still wouldn’t win. Most people are like me, and watch it for the sheer crazy enjoyment that it is.

You basically fall in to a few categories. Category 1, the countries that actually really make an effort with their song, produces something really good and end up with nil pwah (bit of phonetics there for you). Category 2, you basically rehash a past year song and end up doing marginally better. And then there is 3, the crazy ass countries, that produces a song so completely and utterly bonkers, it wins. and what’s more, they are the countries that actually take it the most seriously. Bizarre but true.

So, sorry to my fellow Britain’s, but I can safely say right now – we ain’t got a cat in hells chance of winning. But I’ll be there watching it. I do hope there are some good songs this year, because I still love the song that won last year, Euphoria by Loreen. I have it on my ipod and listen to it only just yesterday.

Tonight is also the finale of Doctor Who, where we supposedly learn the Doctor’s name. I can half imagine right now that it ain’t going to be fascinating and this is no offence whatsoever to the writers of Doctor Who, that’s just kind of how these moments go. It would be cool if it was something like Bob, Barry really proper solid names, but I don’t think it will be. In a way, I really hope we don’t learn and that this is all just hype. But, as I am going out for dinner tonight, I won’t be seeing the episode till tomorrow, because I’ll also be watching Eurovision on delay, so it’s gonna take some sheer will power to stop me from clicking on digital spy and finding out when I get home. I can tell you right now, I’ll probably know the minute it happens, I’m that pathetically sad!

I’ve also been keeping up to date with the latest shows being picked up in the States, and I am very happy with some of the choices, although I can’t really see a stand out comedy show yet, I don’t think we’ve had a good one in years, not since the likes of The Big Bang Theory, which I’m delighted to let you know, I watched some the first episode and was applauding it for years, before anyone began watching it. No jumping on no band wagon for me. the CW have some really interesting shows this year, but’s it’s Marvel’s Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D which I am most looking forward too. But I’m already putting myself in for a pit fall, because I would say Sky will snap it up and I don’t buy in to the whole Sky Conglomerate thing. They literally just wait for show to get good on freeview and then buy them up, they wouldn’t know how to pick a good show if it bit them. But a lot of ABC shows go to Channel Five too, so maybe, if I pray enough to the God’s of TV, they’ll repay me. If in doubt, DVD.

To update you on two other matters discussed on this blog, if you now look at my list of shows I’ve recorded to watch, there are NO EPISODES OF REVENGE! I have completely caught up over the past weeks. It’s so much better watching a load at one go, because you stay in the story, and I think that’s why I got bored. Also, I was a very very naughty girl and I watched that DVD I was giving someone as a present Shhhh!!!! She didn’t suspect a thing but I came up with the perfect cover if she asked why the plastic wrapping was missing, because this has happened to me before – the DVD was rattling around inside and I wanted to put it back in properly, so it wouldn’t get scratch – bazinga! There’s a great excuse for any of you thinking of doing the same thing!


Thought Of The Day: Are 99’ers called 99’ers, cause they use to be 99p (aka they are an ice cream).
Nails of the Day: Non, but someone kindly gifted me with 5 brand new OPI varnishes (It was me ssshhh!)