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More things to add to that list!

Evidently, this weekend has been full of things to add to the list of little annoyance. But first, my apologies to the Sun. I don’t see you that often, so I was very sorry when tweeted at my annoyance at you spoiling my tv catch up time! I am most apologetic!

Anyway, the list:

  • People who leave crumbs in the butter. Butter is for spreading on your bread, not the inside of the tub, so keep it clean!
  • People who blow smoke and don’t care where it goes. It’s a filthy habit which I haven’t taken up, so I don’t care for someone blowing smoke it me. It stinks!
  • Someone filling up my itunes with songs I do not like – make a playlist.
  • People who find it highly amusing to not use there own email but yours to start social network accounts! Use your own bloody email cause honestly, I think you are complete idiots for almost really using someone else identity.
  • Which leads into rubbish help desks! Literally went round in circles and still don’t think I got through.
  • Which leads into password changing. Nearly went crazy this morning knowing I was typing in the correct one only to remembered that I’d changed it.

Anyway, great new now:

  • I have only been off on holiday for one day and I have already achieved one of the things that I wanted to do that I wasn’t going to tell you I was doing, just in case I didn’t! Score!
  • My Mad Fat Diary is ending tonight but has been confirmed for a second season. Score 2!

Although I would like to say I caught up on my telly back logged now having watched the first three episodes of “Dancing On The Edge”, those 4 episodes of “Mr Selfridge” might beg to disagree. I do like Mr Selfridge, but I prefer The Paradise . I think Mr Selfridge is trying to hard and trying to hard to be like Downton Abbey. But I’ll persevere. And more to that point, I also think the 6 pages of movies on my box will beg to disagree on the fact that I am “caught up”.


Sweets Of The Day: Squashies Drumstick!
Nail Varnish Of The Day: Nicole By Opi in Kendall On The Katwalk and Angelica in Exposure which apparently glows in UV light, but as I am not presently nor will ever be at a Rave, I cannot confirm this!

Very Very Sorry (I am Les Mis Sorry!)

Well, my plan to blog more often has seriously gone down the drain this week! I had plans to post all sorts but time seem to be getting in the way (bad time!).

So let’s catch up!

Saturday I went to see Les Mis at the cinema and I absolutely loved it! I knew that there was singing in it obviously and that the singing was sort of speech, but I didn’t realise that there was literally no spoken speech in it at all and that it was singing speech. But once you realise that, it really works and I had no trouble following the story, even though I had no idea about it, it just flowed well. The cast were very very brave singing live, although your probably going to think I am dead inside, because I didn’t sing (so just typed sing!), cry at Anne Hathaway’s “I Dreamed A Dream”, it did stir me a little but no tears!

Sunday was a pretty regular day for me, so I am gonna skip past that one.

Monday, what did I do Monday! I went to work and that’s about it.

Tuesday the same.

Wednesday was not a good day for me, because I got really annoyed at something that happened, and I couldn’t get it out of my head! I was actually having a really good day till then, it really just takes one person to spoil everything for you. But then, I came home and I watched “My Mad Fat Diary” which I’d taped just cause it was a new show, but I really loved it. It reminds me of the Georgia Nicholson books actually, so I’m looking forward to next weeks episode. And then I got a fantastic email (people feel free to ignore the next sentence if you are not as obsessed as me with nail varnish!). I email Nicole By OPI, as I love their varnishes anyway and also they have a new range by Selena Gomez and some of the colours are just beautiful. They are hard to get in the UK, you can only really get the collections rather than normal colours on Asos and Lena White, and they informed me that they would be selling them through Lena White, so wahey!!!!! So that kinda turned mt day round and I also watch loads of S Club 7 shows last night! I was such a huge fan of them when I was younger and I found a load of them that I taped. But being an idiot (I can’t and wish I could blame someone else for this!) I taped over one of them. I knew it wasn’t on ITV and then I defiantly knew Gok was not on telly when they were, so I bloody taped over it with some movie! A made for TV one at that!

Then today, well it’s been a hit and miss day again, but not of my doing.

And that’s it! I hope that has updated you and you can look forward to another day in the life post soon! If you cannot wait for that boredom, then just re read the last one and you should be sufficiently bored!


Fun Fact Of The Day: The national flower of Australia is the Golden Wattle (Tis FACT!)
Nail Varnish Of The Day: Models Own Blue Med and Technic Lolli Pop. I had a sort out and am trying out the maybe to go ones this week!