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2013 … What Shall It Bring Me

Well fokes, it’s that time of year again, New Years Eve!

Honestly, my 2012 hasn’t been that bad or that good either. There are moments that I could have done without, but overall I have a lovely family, fantastic friends and a job that I actually miss when I’m on holiday, so really, it can’t be that bad right?

I have made quite a few changes this year, said goodbye to a few things and probably said hello to fair too many nail polishes (aka spent fair too much money on them also!). But looking ahead, I can’t see any reason why 2013 shouldn’t be a good year!

So, what are my hopes for this year. I don’t have anything major but here are some things that might happen this year:

1. Make a good dent in my reading while simultaneously stop buying so many bloody books! I have had the 2nd and 3rd Hunger Games books sat by my bed for a good year now, so I must at least read Catching Fire before the movies comes out!
2. While I do love my job, I would love the opportunity this year to may see a promotion, but if not, I would just love to keep hold of my job.
3. Not get so many bloody colds this year and maybe start taking some more vitamins! I literally get everything going, as you can guess by what I write on this blog (fyi on the cold front, I think I’m getting back to normal, but it has been a good three weeks now).
4. Find the perfect leather jacket ( 🙂 )
5. Try not to worry so much about things that might and probably won’t happen and stop blowing little things out of proportion. The majority of the time, it isn’t likely to happen, so stop thinking it will.
6. Bake the perfect Brownie! It is the bane of my existence that I have an oven which requires you to put everything on Gas Mark 9 for it to actually cook – try and persuade my Dad that it is the cooker and we need a new one.
7. Continue with finding fantastic vlogs on youtube! I’ve really gotten into you tube vlogs and while I don’t think I’ll ever personally appear in a vlog, it’s nice to watch some fantastic people talking about stuff they know.
8. Possibly finish one of the stories that I have started writing!
9. Go to the West End in London and finally see a musical!
10. Continue to watch as many fantastic movies and tv shows as possible, it maybe sad, but it’s entertaining as hell.

I’m guessing that my New Year’s Outlook is probably a lot boring than most, but it’s mine non the less. Here’s to a happy and healthy 2013 for everyone!


Thoughts Of The Week: A rather bumper addition as I have had several good thought this week, so yeahy me!

1 – When I am such a good u, why do mine feel the need to play blaring rock music at gone midnight and then don’t bother apologising for it. Manners! I wish I lived on Ramsey Street.

2 – Benedict Cumberbatch looks rather (think of an appropriate word!) fetching on the cover of this months Empire, even if he plays a baddie in the new Star Trek movie.

3 – There wasn’t much in the sales this year yet how come I still spent money!

4 – I am way to over excited at the Retro weekend on CITV next weekend! FRAGGLE FRICKING ROCK!!!!!!

Nail Varnish Of The Day: Two, I’m half mooning it lol! First my fave blue by Sally Hansen in Brick (I think!) and then a new Revlon on in Plum Night.